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Recent Questions

Ex-Spouse Behind on Mortgage Payments

Have been divorced (uncontested) since May of this year. Left my home with my ex still living ther and my son to move in for a year to see if he could afford it. The mortgage has not been paid since June. I am along with my ex on the mortgage and deed. We only had a verbal agreement. What can I do to protect myself. I cannot pay the arrears and found out there is a tax lien on the property.

Alimony Payments and Wage Garnishment

Regarding wage garnishment for credit card debts, do court ordered alimony payments count as disposable income?

How much can creditors take through wage garnishment?

If my net income is $236 a week, how much can be taken with a wage garnishment.

Co-Signed Student Loans

I co-signed for my Niece for a student loan (SallieMae). She refuses to pay. Who will they try and collect from first? Thanks.

Sheriff’s Sale of the House: How much time do I have?

I am in default for $97,000 since Feb. 2011. I just received a notice of intention to apply for final judgement. Wondering how much longer I can stay in my home at this point?