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Recent Questions

Can the state garnish my husband’s social security payments from a cosigned loan?

My husband cosigned on a student loan for my daughter. My daughter presently is not working because she is sick. The only income my husband receives is social security. Can the State somehow garnish my husband’s social security payments?

I owe the DMV $10,000 in surcharges – can I get my license back?

I owe the Department of Motor Vehicles more than $10,000 in surcharges and, as a result, my license is revoked. If I file a bankruptcy, can I get my license back?

Can I file another Chapter 13 despite filing one recently to save my home?

I recently filed a Chapter 13, unfortunately, I am not sure if my attorney did what he was supposed to do. In any event, my mortgage company has started to foreclose on my property. My question is, am I able to file for another Chapter 13 despite the fact that I did one recently in order to save my home?

Is there any way to get a creditor to remove a charge off?

I received an offer from a creditor, the settlement amount is 40% of the total owed. Is there any way to get the creditor to remove the “charge off” (from my credit report) that they have already done on my account and replace it with “settlement/balance resolved/delinquent?”

I fell behind on my mortgage payments

I fell behind on my mortgage payments due to unforeseen family circumstances. The mortgage company has been horrible. The house needs a lot of work. I can’t make the repairs and make the repayment they want me to make to catch up monthly. The mortgage company told me there is no special arrangement that I qualify for in order to either recast my loan or catch up on the payments. Can I file a Chapter 7 and walk away from this debt?