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Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers serving South Jersey residents since 1985.

We can help you:

 Stop a Foreclosure

We’ve helped thousands of families save their homes from being foreclosed on. We can help you too.


 Save your Car 

Losing your car can make everything harder; we can work to help you keep your car and avoid repossession.

Stop Wage Garnishment

You work hard for your money; we believe you should get to keep it. 

Stop Collection Calls

Debt collectors are ruthless. Fortunately, we can help stop them from calling.

Lower or Eliminate Debts

We have multiple tactics at our disposal to make your debt easier to manage.

Stop Eviction

Getting kicked out of a house when you’re already at your lowest makes it harder than ever to recover. We can help.

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A Law Firm You Can Trust

Jenkins & Clayman cares about you and your family, and we want to help you get debt relief now. Our attorneys can review your financial situation and assess how bankruptcy can help you get out from under your pile of debt and obtain the fresh start you desperately need. Let our family help your family keep more of what you have worked so hard to achieve.


Step 1. Free Consultation

Everyone’s case is different, which is why step one always consists of meeting with a member of our staff for a free consultation to determine which approach is best for your case.


Step 2. Stop harassment

Creditors are relentless, and they’ve had years to discover the best ways to harass people into giving in when they need help most. We know how to put an end to creditor harassment for good.


Step 3. Rebuild Your Credit

We’ve partnered up to create a free program for our clients to learn how to achieve a 720 credit score. Immediate relief from debt is important, but rebuilding is too. We can help with both.


Make Bankruptcy Work for You
Your Guide to Financial Freedom


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