Our South Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help Stop Eviction

Are You Facing Eviction?

If you’re behind on your rent payments in New Jersey, you’re at risk for eviction. It’s difficult to think about being kicked out of your own home, but you have options. If you’re not able to make up your missed rental payments or come to an agreement with your landlord, we may be able to help.

Chapter 13 Can Protect You From Eviction

If you file under Chapter 7, bankruptcy may not be able to offer much protection from eviction. Chapter 13, however, can help you stay in your home. When you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13, you agree to a court-approved 3-5 year payment plan. The court will help determine what you can afford every month and you’ll pay the rest to your creditors.

When you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay kicks in to protect you from your creditors. It stops all collection actions against you, including foreclosure, repossession, and collection lawsuits. If you file under Chapter 13, it will also stop the eviction process. You’ll be required to pay all your arrearages, or missed payments, through your Chapter 13 plan and you’ll have to continue to pay your monthly rent. Basically, you’ll pay each month’s rent plus some extra to cover past missed months. If you stick with your repayment plan, your landlord won’t be able to evict you.

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