Stop Repossession of Your Car with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Our South Jersey Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help Save Your Car from Repossession

When can my car be repossessed?

1458224857_38831e58e1_mYou need your car to get to work, to take your kids to school, and to go to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store. If you’ve missed car payments, your auto loan provider can repossess it. They don’t have to go to court or get a judge’s order to do it, either. They can simply walk up to your car and take it away. How can you stop them from repossessing your car?

How can we help?

When you file for bankruptcy, you invoke the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a powerful legal protection that stops all actions to collect from you. That includes wage garnishment, foreclosure, and bank levies. It will also stop repossession. The bankruptcy courts want all your creditors to deal with you through the bankruptcy system, so they put a stop to outside efforts to collect.

Not only does the automatic stay stop creditors from repossessing your car, it will also force them to return the car if it has been repossessed but not yet sold. That’s right – you can actually get your repossessed car back by filing for bankruptcy.

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