As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to impact all aspects of our business and personal lives, Jenkins and Clayman is here to guide clients through these unprecedented times. 

The health and safety of our staff and our clients is my number one concern. It has always been our policy to require staff to stay home if they are sick. And, we have always been happy to reschedule client meetings if our clients are sick. It has never been more important to maintain the highest level of sanitary practices than now.

For our clients:

We are here to provide you with the latest information regarding NJ Bankruptcy court, sheriff sales, foreclosures, judgements, landlord/tenant court in South new Jersey to keep you up to date.

You may even have your free consultation by phone.

We have the technology to completely process your case online, by mail and by phone.

If you have email and a phone, you are fully equipped to work with us online.

We encourage clients to utilize electronic payment, to avoid handling paper money.

For Our Staff:

If we are sick, we stay home.  NO exceptions. We don’t spread germs.

We have increased our sanitation efforts with hospital-grade antiseptic, and we are able to maintain the excellent service our clients expect from us on a day-to-day basis.

We support our clients remotely, and well, without need for them to come in.

We are all committed to maintaining a safe, germ-free environment.

All staff participate in sanitizing our work areas, and surfaces that are touched.

For the Courts and Trustees:

We provide all information electronically, eliminating physical object handling.

We are committed to doing everything in our power to be proactive and prepared.

We believe that the steps we take now will help ensure that we have done everything possible to safeguard the health of our clients and staff, while continuing to provide an unsurpassed level of professional services to our clients and support to the trustees and the court.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact our office at 856-546-9696.