Our South Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain How Bankruptcy Stops Collections

One of Bankruptcy’s Greatest Benefits: The Automatic Stay

You may have heard that bankruptcy can protect you from your creditors – but how does that work? The answer lies in the automatic stay. A bankruptcy filing instantly and automatically acts as a stay against any and all collection activity. The instant you file bankruptcy, the automatic stay goes into effect.

Our South Jersey bankruptcy lawyers have filed thousands of bankruptcy cases, and we handle more bankruptcy filings than any other law firm in New Jersey. If you are worried about debt collectors, we can help you obtain the benefits of the automatic stay.

Stop Creditor Harassment

The automatic stay prevents your creditors from calling you, writing you letters, sending you bills and suing you. If you have collection agencies or credit card companies calling you in the evenings, calling you at work, serving you with court papers or threatening to sue, filing a personal bankruptcy will stop these activities cold.

Stop Foreclosure, Stop Sheriff Sales and Stop Repossession

Are you worried about your house or your car? The automatic stay will also stop your creditors from taking your property. If your mortgage company has started foreclosure proceedings or has scheduled a sheriff sale on your house, the automatic stay will stop it all. If your car lender is threatening repossession or if you have been hiding your vehicle in different locations to protect it from the repo man, bankruptcy can give you peace of mind and protect your car.

Stop Wage Garnishment and Bank Account Garnishment

Are your creditors taking money out of your paycheck or your bank account? If your creditors have already sued you and obtained a court judgment, you may already be feeling the pain of a writ of garnishment. Bankruptcy will stop all garnishments (except child support or alimony), and in some cases, you might even be able to get some of your money back.

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