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New Jersey Receives a “D-” for Protecting Families in Debt

The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) recently published a study evaluating state law protections for debtors and their families. It found that not a single state provided adequate protections to allow debtors to continue to work and provide for their families. In 2012, 25% of the complaints received by the FTC related to debt collection. It’s… Read more »

Payday Lending is Illegal in the Tri-state Area: How Do Lenders Stay in Business?

A payday loan is a short-term loan that you borrow against your next paycheck. The lenders charge sky-high interest rates and structure the loans to make repayment difficult. It’s a predatory lending practice that takes advantage of people when they’re running out of options. It’s illegal in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, but residents… Read more »

Wage Garnishment Laws in New Jersey

When debt collectors are calling every day, demanding that you repay your bills, it’s tempting to just ignore them. Don’t pick up the phone and maybe you won’t have to deal with it. Unfortunately, debt collectors have ways to collect whether you allow it or not. Wage garnishment is the act of a creditor taking… Read more »

Debt Collection in New Jersey: Know Your Rights

Debt Collection in New Jersey You’re struggling with your bills. Maybe you had health problems or maybe some unexpected expenses came up and you’ve fallen behind. Now debt collectors are calling you and demanding payment. What are your rights? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects you from… Read more »

The Consumer’s Guide to Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce Add death and taxes and we have a perfect storm of unhappiness. At least bankruptcy and divorce aren’t certainties. However, they’re just as uncomfortable to discuss. Money and personal finance disagreements are a leading cause of divorce in the United States. In fact, one study cites arguments about money as the top predictor of… Read more »

How Bankruptcy Can Help With Cars You Can No Longer Afford

Car Loans Can Become Financial Burdens In a declining economy, or as a result of changing individual circumstances, a once prized ‘toy’ can turn quickly into a crushing financial burden. Unfortunately, lenders aren’t all that understanding when you try to simply give back a car or boat that you can no longer afford. The property… Read more »